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SUPER Skin Set 健康肌膚組合

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This soap bundle consists of our bestsellers and our most popular soaps:

1 x Wild Mugwort Soap 100g For problem skin, body odour
1 x Purple Gromwell & Roselle Soap 100g  Detox & Exfoliating
1 x Women Soap 100g Deep cleansing
1 x Lemon Soap 100g To Regulate Oily Skin & Minimize Large Pores
1 x Wild Patchouli Soap 100g Refreshes and soothes inflamed skins
1 x Liquorice Hair Soap 100g For oily scalp and hair



1 x 艾草皂 100g
1 x 紫草洛神皂  100g
1 x 清肌玉膚100g
1 x 檸檬皂 100g
1 x 左手香皂 100g
1 x 甘草皂 100g







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