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PWP All Purpose Home Cleansing-Limited Release Packaging 皂萬物

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One all purpose home cleansing soap can replace 1 to 3 PE bottles of dishwashing liquid and house-hold detergent. We have been making laundry soap for years and this is a special release packaging to show the versatility of the laundry soap as an all purpose soap. 

All-Purpose Soap ’s cylindrical shape allows consumer easily clean dishes, laundry, sneakers, baby products, and wipe desktops and floors.

YUAN insists on putting natural herbs and essential oils into soap to protect skin from dryness also has a good cleaning effect, there is no need to worry about the residue of dishwashing chemicals on the dishes and food, and the skin residue caused by allergic reaction issues. Also suitable for families with baby or pet at home, All-Purpose Soap with no added chemical which can avoid accidental eating or irritants.

Every staff in YUAN Taiwan office and factory uses All-Purpose Soap for cleaning the lunch boxes, cups and bowls. After been through the COVID-19 people tend to have a deeper understanding of the importance of cleansing and continue to pursue a non-toxic simple life. More and more people are committed to reducing excess plastic PE bottles. The use of soap is very simple. You can directly hold it, or you can use a scrubber or a brush. It is a must have item for all housewives.

Cylindrical All-Purpose Soap 150 g “ONE FOR ALL”

Product Feature : 1. No animal testing 2. No chemicals and all plants based ingredients. 3. Eco-Friendly and biodegradable, ditch the plastic bottle, 4. Tough on stains  5. Contain essential oils which protect skin, remove odors and anti bacterials.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Spring Water, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil

Suggested usage : ( can held directly or cut into small pieces , use cloth , scrubber or brush to wash)

House-Hold : mug and cups ( remove tea stains), greasy dishes, wiping desktop, floor and bathtub, cleaning glasses, kettle ... etc.

Baby : There are infants and children at home , travel or day out. ( cut a small piece of soap in a carrying box for cleaning out pacifiers, feeding bottles, children's tableware, bib , toys ... etc.)

Fabric : delicate cloth , cloth face mask, monthly cloth pads, kkunderwear, socks, towels, handkerchiefs, canvas bags, canvas shoes, blankets (suitable for cotton, hemp, rayon, synthetic fibers, etc.).

Pet : pet food bowls and trays, pet clothing collars, blankets, water bottle , toys ....etc

皂萬物 150 g

阿原於幾年前推出衣皂後在今年春季推出皂萬物(家事皂以)來收到國內外消費者的回饋與好評。有著圓柱形的 皂萬物為限量⽣產並運⽤了皂泥塑造成型,今年暑假即將⾸次在⽇本、新加坡、⾺來西亞海外市場曝光。 阿原肥皂原物料來⾃⾃家農園與⾃家⼯廠製作,堅持不加任何化學起泡劑,皂萬物的泡沫柔滑綿細,可天天使 ⽤不會造成環境,身體和肌膚的⼆次傷害。近期在歐美⽇本也掀起使⽤⼀塊天然肥皂做為家中所有的清潔,⼀ 顆皂萬物可以取代1-3罐的洗碗精,洗潔精。圓柱造型讓主婦們也能很輕鬆的清碗盤,洗衣物,球鞋 ,嬰兒⽤ 品,擦拭桌⾯與地板。⼀顆皂萬物具備多項功能 。 阿原秉持著將天⽣天養的天然草藥與精油入皂保護肌膚不乾澀,同時也有很好的洗淨效果,更毋須擔⼼洗碗精 化學殘留在碗盤食下肚,以及衣物殘留上造成⽪膚過敏問題。對於家中有嬰兒的家庭也非常適合,因為不會有 添加化學誤食或是刺激物讓每位消費者可安⼼使⽤。在台灣阿原的每⼀位辦公室與⼯廠的同仁,也都使⽤這顆 家事皂來清洗中午午餐的餐盒杯碗。疫情後⼈們對於清潔有更深刻的認知,並持續追求無毒且簡單的⽣活,致 ⼒於減少多餘塑膠PE瓶罐,為地球盡⼀份⼼⼒。⽽皂萬物的使⽤⽅式也非常簡單可直接⼿持也可使⽤菜瓜布或 是刷⼦沾上肥皂刷洗即可是家庭主婦的好幫⼿。 

圓柱形All-Purpose Soap 家事皂 ONE FOR ALL

產品特⾊: 1. 無動物實驗


3. Eco-Friendly

4. 草本植物性

5. 含精油保護肌膚去除異味。


建議使⽤⽅法:(可直接⼿持,或是切成⼩⽚隨身攜帶,運⽤菜瓜布或是刷⼦沾洗) 1. 家中清潔 :杯⼦茶垢,油膩碗盤, 擦拭桌⾯地板衛浴,清洗眼鏡⽚,⽔壺,。

2. 幼兒清潔 :家中有嬰兒幼兒,可隨身攜帶⼀⼩⽚放入攜帶盒中作為外出奶嘴,奶瓶,兒童餐具,圍兜等 清洗。

3. 衣物清潔:貼身內衣褲、襪⼦、⽑⼱、⼿帕、帆布袋、帆布球鞋、毯⼦(適⽤於棉、麻、⼈造絲、合成纖 維等材質)。

4. 寵物清潔 :寵物餐盤,寵物衣物項圈,毯⼦,⽔壺。

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