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Mugwort Protection Set 艾草防疫組

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Yuan soaps are handmade using a cold pressed process and with 100% natural ingredients both from valuable essential oils and plants from Yuan's own natural pesticide free farm. This process retains glycerin that helps moisturise your skin even if the soaps have antibacterial properties. 

Frequent hand wash is recommended to prevent diseases.

We recommend
 @Wild Mugwort Soap for frequent hand wash use 
Naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal, this soap will works hard  as it cleanses well and protect your skin. 

@ Wild Mugwort Hand Sanitizer

  • Contains naturally distilled alcohol which is less drying than synthetically distilled alcohol
  • Contains 75% Alcohol (Ethyl) Concentration, as per the recommendations from Singapore’s NEA, US Disease Control and Prevention Centre and WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • Contains pure essential oil with antiseptic properties such as tea tree oil.
  • Handy and in travel size (95ml- suitable for plane board), bottled in amber coloured container to protect active ingredients.
  • Easy to use, just spray on any surface you want to sanitize and wipe or spray directly on your hands.

Naturally blended with more than 75% alcohol with pure essential oils, and plant extracts. Yuan Wild Mugwort Sanitizer can be used as mist (around our body), and onto our hands and bodies. The size is also conveniently packaged into a 95ml amber plastic bottle that makes it suitable for travel used and to bring into airplanes.

The formula is non drying and keep the hands moisturised at the same time.
Protect Yourself and Your Family with Yuan Wild Mugwort Hand Sanitizer.

Mugwort Protection Partners

1 x Wild Mugwort Hand Sanitizer 95ml

1 x Wild Mugwort Soap 100g




1 x 艾草洗手水(手部隨身清潔) 95ml

1 x 艾草皂 100g



最佳洗手皂 ! 比口罩更有效預防武漢肺炎的方式,是勤洗手。








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