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Why Yuan Soap

Who Would Buy Handmade Soap?

  1. Consumers who attach importance to health and pursue a natural lifestyle.
  2. When people with allergic skin or itchiness disease do not know the cause of their problems, they can turn to handmade soap for the solution. It is extremely suitable for people who have been plagued by skin problems for a long time, regardless of age and skin type. Although it is just a small bar of soap, it is a critical step forward to adjust your skin condition.
  3. People suffering from serious hair loss. Most people are still oblivious to the damage of emulsion and liquid cleansers on the human body. The most obvious sign is skin allergy and hair loss. Although using handmade soap on your hair is not comfortable, you will find your hair stronger and growing at a faster rate all thanks to the natural ingredients. Most of the consumers of this product are men.
  4. People who emphasise environmental friendliness. Handmade soap is a natural product (we are referring to handmade soap made through condensation, of course). The micro-organisms in its soap liquid can be disintegrated within a short period of time. However, in the case of composite cleansers which use coupling active agents as the base, their liquid micro-organisms are extremely hard to disintegrate, thus gravely affecting the eco-environment.
  5. People who love their children. Most parents are still of the opinion that shower creams work better, nevertheless after our explanation, they are willing to buy our handmade soap for their precious kids. Of course, they do buy for their elderly family members too.
  6. Consumers who want to shower their loved ones with gifts are willing to present daily necessities that are practical and good for the body.
  7. Consumers who dislike conventional soap or shower cream with a strong fragrance. In fact, the scent of handmade soap with pure essential oil additives is light and leaves no lingering smell after wash. This is so even with lots of essential oil additives.
  8. Consumers who enjoy variegation in life and adore diversities in product functions, textures and scents.