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About Us: Brand Story

YUAN was founded in 2005, it uses Taiwanese herbs as its main ingredients derived from Oriental health mindset, body nourishing and environmental preservation. YUAN revitalizes the “art of labor force” to preserve the spirit and affection for traditional craftsmanship.
YUAN grows herbs from the YUAN farm in the native mountains and forest of Taiwan using Natural Farming methods that allow us to make vigorous and natural herbal soaps and we continue to expand more products series using these essential herbs. YUAN also founded the YUAN International & Development Center in 2008 to further advance and deliver the most effective and natural herbal techniques.
Natural & Sustainable Farming Methods
YUAN Farm is located in Yangmingshan National Park, northern part of Taiwan. We use natural farming methods, a natural way of farming that uses mountain spring water to enhance the vitality of the herbs. We grow our herbs in clean, unpolluted YUAN Farm, providing our customers with the finest quality herbs, a healing and nourishing herbal aromatic therapy.

Behind Yuan Soap in Malaysia

Yuan Soap is imported and distributed by:

ORIGIN LIVING SDN BHD, a local company which is currently exclusively markets Yuan Soap to health food stores, pharmacies, and departmental stores.