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Hinoki Essential Oil 檜木精油

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Yuan Hinoki Oil - pure essential oils

Hinoki Essential Oil is well known for its ability to naturally kill bacteria, viruses, viral infections and fungus. Hinoki Oil is said to have a relaxing and decongestant effect on the body, helping to relieve tension and stress. It is also excellent for alleviating sinus and chest congestion and respiratory problems. Hinoki Oil is considered to be gentle on the skin and is a very effective antiseptic for healing and treating skin problems, such as rashes, cuts, abrasions and minor skin irritations.

Capacity: 10mL
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Ingredients: Chamaecyparis obtusa (hinoki) oil

1. Mix 1-2drops into hand or body lotion for added benefits, may be mixed in face lotion to help balance oil secretion 
2. Drops 2-5 drops in your bath water for relaxation.

Storage method: Store in cool place, avoid direct sunlight or damp note: 
1. Keep away from heat and electrical items. 
2. Do not consume, for external use only 
3. Pregnant women and children less than three years old should avoid using essential oils.
4. Stop using or seek medical advice should you feel unwell after using it.

阿原 桧木精油-(單方) Hinoki oil

舒暢呼吸放鬆身心(瑜珈/按摩) 木質香氛 舒暢呼吸,檜木精油為台灣特有的芬芳,氣味中帶有木質味,因富含濃厚芬多精,能使人感到舒爽,肌膚快樂。台灣檜木產量日漸稀少,精油越顯珍貴,是不可多得的好良伴。

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