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Swertia shampoo 當藥洗頭水 Sensitive, Dry hair &scalp 250ml

Swertia Shampoo

 Suitable For: Dry Hair and Sensitive Scalp

The nutritional ingredients consist of natural herbs such as: Swertia, Ginseng, Matrine and Lamiaceae. These are compounded with the unique Glycyrrhizin, which enhances the hair metabolism and supplies sufficient nutrients to the scalp. For every wash, herbs such as Vertiver and Blanco will help refresh and soothe your scalp while maintaining the rigidity and flexibility of your hair, restoring luster and sheen.


1. Rinse through scalp and hair thoroughly to clear dirt and grimes.
Avoid use of hot water as scalp might be over stimulated which leads to possible scalp redness and itchiness
2. Pour sufficient amount of shampoo onto palms accordingly. Lather well with and slowly work into scalp from the front to the edge with a gentle massage (3-5 minutes), then rinse.

3. For better result, repeat step 2 and leave the shampoo on for 1-2 minutes to allow better absorption of nutrients.  

當藥洗頭水 乾性頭皮髮質

養潤 活化(乾性頭皮及髮質適用)



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