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Tea Tree Oil 茶樹茶树精油

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Yuan Tea Tree Oil - (pure essential oils)


One of the most versatile essential oil around to have in house, use it as mouthwash (dilute with warm water), for wounds, cuts, burn , skin infection, relieve sinus congestions etc

1. Mix 1-2drops into hand or body lotion for added benefits, may be mixed in face lotion to help balance oil secrection
2. Drops 2-5 drops in your bath water for relaxation.

Ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia (leaf)
Place of Origin: Australia
Capacity: 10mL
Storage method: Store in cool place, avoid direct sunlight or damp

1. Keep away from heat and electrical items.
2. Do not consume, for external use only
3. Pregnant women and children less than three years old should avoid using essential oils.
4. Stop using or seek medical advice should you feel unwell after using it.

阿原 茶树精油-(单方) Tea tree oil

清新淨化提振精神(工作/戶外) 清新淨化 新鮮舒暢,茶樹能運用的層面廣泛,由身體到四周環境,搭配不同的使用方式,都能達到極佳的淨化肌膚效果。其氣味新鮮、舒暢,能使身心自在。




清新淨化提振精神(工作/戶外) 清新淨化 新鮮舒暢,茶樹能運用的層面廣泛,由身體到四周環境,搭配不同的使用方式,都能達到極佳的淨化肌膚效果。其氣味新鮮、舒暢,能使身心自在。

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