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Wild Mugwort Soap 艾草皂 (湿疹干痒)

Yuan Wild Mugwort Soap - For problem skin, body odour

Pungent and dark, Wild Mugwort Soap is our bestseller product which many either love or hate the smell. Use it toIrelieve skin problems like eczema, reduce itch from ringworm, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. It is also great for those with strong body odour.

Ingredients:Water, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Artemisia Vulgaris Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Pogostemon Cablin Oil, Artemisia Absinthium Extract, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil, Verbena Officinalis Leaf Extract


潔淨清爽,肌膚健康的種種需求, 百草為師,游刃有餘。 艾草生命力堅強,並具有特殊香氣, 入皂可以清潔肌膚,淨化體味, 提升肌膚在不潔環境中的自我保護能力

许多应用植物专家已研究证明艾草油可对付湿疹、癣痒。 艾草皂是阿原肥皂的销售冠军。 前胸、后背、脸颊容易有粉刺、异位性皮肤炎、湿疹的人来洗都不会刺激,体味重的人更适合。

全 成 分:橄欖油,水,艾草、綠茶(萃取液),氫氧化鈉,廣霍香、艾草、檸檬香茅、馬鞭草(精油)
用 法:於手上加水搓揉起泡,用於全身清潔
用 途:清潔
廠 址:新北市淡水區中正東路一段3巷25號2樓
產 地:台灣

Bloggers Soap Reviews

"This is my personal favorite so far! I really love the strong herbal scent in the soap! And i find that with daily use, my armpit does NOT smell at all even though on days when i sweat a lot!!! I don’t use deodorant at all and this soap is a piece from heaven to me!"....

"The soap bar lathers up well enough and you only need very little to create some good lather for the whole body. It does not leave the skin feeling dry and this is important for me. I detest walking out of the shower feeling like my skin is pulled taut like I’ve been mummified (not that I know how it feels to be mummified icon razz Yuan Handmade Organic Soaps from Taiwan ) Importantly, after using this soap for a week, I found that the dry itchy patch on my back is less itchy although the mark is still there. All this without the aid of topical creams. Am I sold? You bet!" **


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